My new legacy founder, Mimi McDoods and her first sprog.


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Newsea ThornBirds retextured

EA Highlights | Adjust-shine Highlights

Polycount, sims3pack version and other info at my livejournal.

Anonymous sent: you used to have a bunch of only child hair on your lj, and i was looking all over your lj for them but i can't find them anywhere? xP

They were all by Peggy and after one of the ea patches her child hairs stopped working, and the same happened with my retextures of her hairs. That’s why I took them down. Littlecatsims fixed a bunch of hairs and made them work again, and some of them have the retextures I did back when they worked normally. You should check her tumblr for those and a lot more hairs for kids: :)

Anonymous sent: Thank you so much Lotus! I'm sorry, but last question, do I have to update the sliders? :P

No problem at all. And I don’t believe you have to update them, I have the lastest (as of now) :)